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Solstice "Full Lover's Moon" Sweat Lodge

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Solstice "Full Lover's Moon" Sweat Lodge


Solstice Full Lovers Moon

June is called the "Full Lover's Moon" or to the Natives "The Making of Fat" or "Strong Sun Moon"

The original Roman name for this month was Junonious, after the Great Mother Goddess Juno; her counterpart among the Greeks was Hera. The Summer Solstice has been and still is important to many religions and cultures around the world. It was sacred to the goddesses of fertility, marriage, and love. Adopted into our culture, June is the time of the "JUNE BRIDE. It was also considered to be a time when faeries, elves, and many other supernatural beings were abroad in great numbers.

Summer is considered to be the time of maximum activity. We are beginning to reap those things that occurred in the spring, and a preparation for those things we will reap in the fall. It is a time to put things away for the cold darkness when all rests-the winter.

The seasons are a cycle...there is no beginning and no end, and without one, there cannot be the other. Understanding this, Native Americans had rich tradition of beautiful celebrations to honor Mother Earth in the summertime.

The Medicine Wheels of many cultures from Wyoming to Arizona awaken our ancestors to this longest day when the Sun set in it's zenith. Many prayers of thanksgiving and honor to the Grandfathers, and the Earth were given. Good food was eaten in plenty, and many journeys are taken at this time.

Summer solstice is a time of celebration, of life itself. This Moon has enormous energies for calling upon and working with elementals of all types. Tides of psychic energy flow freely, enabling even the most staid of people to experience unusual happenings.

Come early and we will clean and revitalize Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel which he dedicated on this land over 20 years ago.

Prayer and purification ceremony
We come together in prayer and community to enter the womb of our Mother Earth. We Honor our life and all our relations. We pray for continued love and strenght in our lives and we give gratitude for the abundance that is bestowed on us.

There is no charge for this ceremony. Donations are appreciated for the offering of time, labor, wood and other materials needed to make this ceremony happen. (a suggested donation would be between $10 and $20) Each person should arrive at designated starting time with proper attire (women: long skirts or dresses; men: shorts or cut-off jeans) please bring a dish of food to share and feed hunger people after the lodge.
Please RSVP so we can make preparations
Peace Chamber
302 Old Fellowship RD · Swannanoa, NC
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